Stance on 9/11

I’ve never articulated a true analysis on 9/11. My opinion is that:
1) Bin Laden clearly targeted financial capitalist targets.
2) Bin Laden as a consequence killed both good people and bad people. You cannot take out entire buildings and expect to only kill bad people.
3) What Bin Laden wanted is not a more progressive economic system, but a feudal system which is behind capitalism. Despite that Bin Laden clearly had antagonism against the rich.
4) 9/11 happened. 9/11 hoaxers are in my opinion ridiculous.
5) The poverty in the middle east is not solely a result of western imperialism but also a result of internal dysfunction.
6) 9/11 indeed was a ‘response’ to America ‘manipulating’ politics in the middle east.

Psychopathic Society

This is a very interesting conversation. I listened to it to hear an insight about psychopathy. However, it goes far beyond that, it makes many points, gives an entire world view.

While it is certainly true that the free market system attracts psychopaths, I do not mean to imply that if only ‘non-psychopaths’ ran things, everything would be fine. The problems are also systemic. In the previous archived version of Free Media Productions, I went as far as writing ‘Editorials’ to say ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game.’

This does not mean that anti-social personalities are not also useful in the anti-establishment.

Even if capitalism was okay under a normal class of rulers (which we dispute), it would still be obvious that capitalism + psychopathy = chaos. In other words, while the causes of the problem are intrinsic to the system, if we were to defend the system, ‘psychopathy’ would account for more damage than other explanations, such as organized Jewry, ethnic lobbies, the Catholic Church etc., all of which play a more secondary role compared to INDIVIDUALS who strike, but who strike in a system that is flawed in design.


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